Lawyer in Luxembourg

Lawyer in Luxembourg

Attorney PELTIER-FEAT’s firm is very effective in advising its clients in matters of tax law, whether in litigation or in advice more generally.

For cases within which tax expertise is required, or for others within which dual taxation and / or cross-border cooperation is applicable, it is not uncommon for tax matters to be, at first glance, difficult to understand and to reconcile for individuals or companies (in fact, optimally enforcing two different regulations (or sometimes more) which seem to diverge or encourage the desire to expatriate, to settle or to get involved in a cross-border activity could repel companies and certainly slow down investments).

Maitre PELTIER-FEAT knows, as a tax expert, how to carry out a technical examination which optimizes the needs of her clients. Her experience and network of experts also allow her to anticipate and advise clients on any difficulties that may happen, whether in general cases or in litigious cases. This is why we do not hesitate to recommend her to our customers who have or might have needs in this area.


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