Due to globalization, we deal with repatriation and expatriation issues which are no longer exclusive to big fortunes and companies.


Over the past few years, we have acquired some expertise regarding expatriations, repatriations as well as the various laws in force in several countries (Switzerland, United Kingdom, Antigua, Mauritius, etc…)

We have built partnerships with chartered accountants, notaries and family offices in many of the countries where our customers reside. We also offer our expertise for French firms willing to relocate abroad or for international firms willing to launch a branch or subsidiary in France. We have also forged a strong relationship with a law firm in Portugal in order to assist retirees wishing to live over there.

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    International mobility processing

    Step 1

    In depth analysis of the customer’s specific requirements and search for host countries according to them.

    Step 2

    Drafting of a report suggesting the prerequisites and recommended solutions.

    Step 3

    Get in touch with the customer and provide important advice regarding the host country.

    Our scope of intervention

    • Residence transfer outside of France (establishing of the country of residence and calculation of the corresponding taxes).
    • Residential comeback to France ( Financial implications and bilateral agreements analysis).
    • Headquarters’ transfer of companies outside of France.
    • Launching of a branch or a subsidiary abroad for French firms or in France for overseas firms.
    • Transfer pricing audit.
    • Refund of taxes withheld at sources and exemptions for individuals not affiliated to the French social security system.
    • Establishing of exit tax declarations
    • Study of declaration obligations with respect to European Union countries
    • Study of the various bilateral agreements based the taxes


    Every single tax lawyer within our firm has a higher education degree and has extensive experience in the fields of repatriation and expatriation. For the last 20 years, we have been helping our clients solve difficult matters

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