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We practice a clear and transparent pricing policy coherent to our code of ethics. Our clients can get a precise general overview of the costs generated before using our services. We are devoted to winning our disputes and providing quality service to our clients. We apply fair invoicing that is adapted to the financial capacities of our clients.

The rule of thumb regarding the amount of the fees is based on the lawyer’s reputation, the complexity of the case and the client’s financial means at that point. Our 360 euros hourly rate ( including the 20% AVT rate ) is displayed in the waiting room.We systematically establish a fee agreement which is submitted to the client, prior to the start of our collaboration. The attorney’s compensation is precisely outlined within it.

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First meeting

There is no need for immediate billing during the first encounter if the client decides to go further ahead with the processing of his case with us.

However if it is not the case, or if the answers provided by the attorney during the meeting were satisfactory enough, it is billed at 360 euros per hour all taxes included.

Please note that no information will be handed over the phone to anyone who is not already our firm’s client.

Hourly rate invoicing

Our hourly rate is 360 euros all taxes included. We keep a daily hourly account of the cases that are in progress. We send it to the customer upon request. Prior to the billing, we demand for a provision on which final fees will be deducted. Payments are due upon receipt of the invoice. This procedure is suitable for tax disputes.

Fixed price invoicing

We are able to offer a bundle for each specific assignment since we know how to value the time devoted for standard consultations. Generally, we agree with our clients on two points, the first one is the consultation’s price, the second one is the price for carrying out the recommendations. This invoicing method is implemented mainly for consulting and auditing services. Our agreement details the payment conditions, in principle, half of it is expected upon signature of the agreement and the remaining balance upon receipt of the consultation.

Fixed fee and result

For high-stakes disputes, we offer a calculated fixed fee and a fee on results based on the obtained relief or the transaction suggested by the Administration. The amount of the fixed fee and the rate of the fee on results, are outlined in the agreement offered to the client. The fixed fee is payable upon signature of the agreement and the fee on results upon receipt of the invoice, once the relief has been proclaimed. None of our agreements covers disbursements and legal fees which are additionally and directly charged by the service provider concerned (bailiffs, court offices, legal experts, etc.).


For more than 20 years, we have been successfully handling almost all of the tax audits entrusted to us.

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